Paris Immerée – Cité internationale des arts

Paris Immerée is a pictorial and sound installation by Alessandro Librio, made during the art residency, at the Cité Internationale des Arts, curated by N38E13. 

During his art residency in Paris, the artist studies the relationship between urban fows and rhythms (metro, bridges) and the Seine. The river as natural element that collides with the increasing urbanization. 

The aerial sounds of the city are immersed in the Seine and re-recorded underwater. The river becomes an uncontrollable natural device, which by its fow displaces the sound waves that propagate in the water, acting as a flter which lets only a part of the information, while retaining some of others. These elements form the prologue to the installation consisting of six paintings, a sextet composed of sound, light and paint.

Ennio Pellicanó

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